Next Meeting - Finish the Story
Our next meeting will focus on finishing the outline of our story.  We have made great progress.  It looks like our story will focus on a mystery in an art gallery.  The girls are learning about paintings and how we can use light to discover clues in the paintings.

Nov. 29th Meeting - Van Rudd and Lighting
We were very fortunate to have Tess's dad, Van, come and give us a demonstration on lighting techniques and introduce us to the concepts of visible light.  The girls had fun using lights to make colors and learn how to make people disappear.  Thanks to all the parents who helped the girls find pictures of paintings they liked!!

Oct 18th Meeting Topic: Script Writing
In this meeting we started working on three topics:
1.  Starting our script writing workshop - we started to think about what our performance was going to look like including the characters, the scenes, and the plot.  This will be a slow process, but we are working on getting everybody's ideas in place.
2.  Instant Challenge - we did our first practice instant challenge.  The girls are beginning to learn about the need for teamwork
3.  Lighting - We began to play with light and shadows to learn about the different ways we can make effects using lights.  This is going to be a main theme for the performance so we are going to work on this next week.

HOMEWORK - I asked each of the girls to play with light this week.  They can use flashlights or whatever interesting lights they want.  They are to try colors, shapes, etc.  They are to come next week with two interesting or fun light effects they tried.  They are also to wear a funny hat.


Oct 4th: Intro to the team
We had our first meeting on Wednesday and it was great to get to know all the girls again.  If you asked them what they did, they probably told you they played and did not do a whole lot - that was actually by design.  Here is what we did:

1.  Decided that CSI:DI would be our challenge
2.  Came up with our team name - 8 investigative musketeers
3.  Introduced the team
4.  Talked about our keychain symbols
5.  Did a practice challenge - this was hopefully the most informative for them.  I think they got the message that paying attention and cooperating will be key tools for being successful at the challenges.